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Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Is this just a test of the blog feature on this site?

Or was the test to see if you could find this post?

What would be the reward if it was to find the post, or is there even a reward?

You'll have to wait and see what happens, I suppose.

Are you still reading this?

Your commitment is admirable!

Commitment is something we are all about. We are committed to bringing the best in resources to you and your team as unbiasedly as possible.

We curve the bias through a committee review process and are always open to critique and opinions. This can really help! While your opinions and views may not cause an edit to the article, you are always welcome to publish your views in the comments below, as long as they follow the community guidelines. We highly encourage evidence-based arguments and fact checks. We will review the credibility of that evidence and amend the article as needed with the new information. It is very much appreciated as it helps to work on further curbing our biases. You are also welcome to comment on the post to share your opinions.

We are committed to you and committed to being a force for change and good in our industry. We believe that easy access to information specific to our industry is one way we do this. We believe that a community of thinkers and doers helps to challenge the statuesque. With shifting to the agency mindset, we believe that there will be less waste by thinking more strategically to achieve your client goals. Better quality solutions will continue to lift "swag" in your client's eyes from the derogatory term the past, "shit we all get," to the shift in your client's mind to the "stuff we attribute the growth to." We believe that buying less swag is a good thing. Not to shrink our promo pie in the advertising world but to grow our share through expanded services and more effective solutions that will often reduce the waste found far to often. We believe that promo can be far less destructive to the environment through education.

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